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Receiver Selection (Read 7805 times)
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The world of radio
below 500kHz.

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Receiver Selection
05/15/10 at 01:33:37
Hello group -  
I am planning to purchase a receiver for natural radio and have so far checked out the web-pages for North Country Radio, Project Inspire, and the Steve McGreevy WR-3. As a newcomer to this aspect of reception, can someone offer guidance on the merits (or otherwise) of these receivers - or suggest an alternative?  
Keith VA3QF
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Re: Receiver Selection
Reply #1 - 05/16/10 at 02:15:13
Didn't Mike Mideke (sp?) make a bunch of receivers for that?
Might be a back issue here on one of his projects, or on the web.
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-= Gregg =-
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The world of radio
below 500kHz.

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Re: Receiver Selection
Reply #2 - 05/21/10 at 16:42:10
It may not be the ultimate, but not to be overlooked at least as a starting point; Your PC, with a good sound card, using the " Soft Radio " software of your choice that will make your sound card act as a receiver, and the antenna of your choice connected to the sound card input. I use WinRad for the software, and it works exceptionally well with WinXP, and my sound card. For the antenna; I have used my 15 meter lowFER vertical, as well as my crossed 80 dipole/160 Windom and had respectable results. It is at least an option that you probably have at your disposal right now with out having to do any cash outlay.  73, and good luck: Andy - KU4XR
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